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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I wonder where you guys see the game here? All I see is some sort of horizontal scrolling demo that can hardly be called game IMHO.
Well, he's done a very large part of all the things needed to do a "real" game, as I explained. Megaman series speedruns also look like demos since the expert just slips by enemies that took 5 extralives off a normal player.

The game has physics, ground (and walls and ... simply, map) detection, enemies with energy"meters", end of level bosses, powerups including 3 different kinds of protection (including the submarine in the water level) and hidden extralives, moving platforms, (ugly) bonus tally screens, event music... my point was that it takes patience to code that, rare in 14yo's, and much, much rarer in 37yo's

Only needs a little more variation, nice graphics and polish to be a Megaman, Sonic, Metroid... take your pick. It already has more gameplay than SOTB and the majority of the platformers for Amiga were pretty fucking drab...

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post

I somehow doubt that he feels like "polishing" something he made more than a decade ago.
He says he works in the game industry today and doesn't have the energy to code in the evenings, so he probably won't. But you say it like he would be insane to want to code Amiga again or at least throw out everything he coded back then, since he is much better at coding assembler nowadays when his brain is older and he's coded modern games in high level languages...? pf.

Now, as a reality check, he seems to have a decent beefy AGA Amiga, and it still... umm doesn't look and sound so good, it even stutters at times. So if you accuse him of not coding so great when he was 14, well...

I still maintain (see topic) it's strong by a 14yo to have the stamina, he probably drew, edited, converted all the (ok crappish) graphics himself on top of the coding, and he didn't go to a proper workplace with colleagues helping him, but probably spent evenings and holidays in his bedroom because he was turned on by his Amiga.

If he used a finished framework with level editors etc, it would be tons easier ofc. I'm assuming assembler now.
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