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Hola from Spain!

Hey all,

Its great to find an active Amiga board still going! Oh I do miss the Amiga a lot. Its what I grew up with, its what I was passionate about. I just miss everything there was about it. The system, the community, and Woa 98 was awesome!

Im originally from UK but moved down to Spain a couple of years ago. Sadly I couldnt take my amiga with me. But I did take the hard disk so can kinda boot it up in WinUAE

I had a pretty specced up Amiga. Amiga 1200 built in a tower. 4GB Hard Disk, CD Writer, 34MB RAM PPC 240mhz and 040 processor, BVision and the M1438S monitor.

Those monitors were great as they supported PAL and NTSC as well as higher resolution VGA screen modes. So that with the BVision switch I was seemlessly jumping around to game resolutions and high end desktop resolutions without messing about.

I used to hang around int he Amiga channels on Dalnet and Undernet back in the day as well. Some may remember me from there as I was a bit of a character hehe.
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