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How to: Convert email from YAM to Outlook PST file

Hi All,

New to this forum, certinately not new to the Amiga!!

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread. But I just wanted to share how I managed to convert my email from the very awesome Yet Another Mailer to more modern day Outlook. I googled for how to do it, but came up with nothing. So had to get off my lazy ass and work it out for myself!

1. Get the files to your PC.
By whatever method get the files off your Amiga onto your PC. In the YAM folder you have a number of different folders, one for each of your folders in YAM. Inside that is a file usually some numbers such as 332423.283. YAM created a new file for every single email you received.

2. Open up a brand new Outlook Express. Just configure the account to use as mail servers. It doesnt really matter. You will need to manually create any subfolders you used in YAM.

3. You will need to do a mass rename on all your email files from YAM. Just add a .eml to the end of it. Amazing how PCs still rely mostly on the file name so it knows what sort of file it is rather than just looking at it! There are a number of multiple renamers online to download and free too.

4. Go into each of your folders, inbox, sent items etc. And do a select all then drag the files into Outlook Express (to the relevent folder obviously) Amazingly the file format that YAM used is very compatable with .eml standard and viola your emails appear. With correct dates and working attachments.

5. If you want your email into Microsoft Outlook. Open that up and create a new profile and a new blank PST file. Then go into File Import and choose to import from Outlook Express. And the mail will go into there. And viola.. you have your old email from your Amiga in a more modern day format.

If anyone has any questions about it, just let me know. But yeah it was a lot easier than I thought./ And then i had a lovely nostalgic session of going through my mail from 10 years ago!
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