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Hi, all, thanks for watching and commenting.

Dunjonquest is the early name for the Temple of Apshai games (later the Apshai Trilogy).

Perhaps the biggest problem with the Wizardry series was the team's refusal to update their game engine. By the time you got to part IV, it looked woefully out of date and no one but the truly hardcore paid it any attention. A new developer took over with Bane of the Cosmic Forge and finally brought the game to then-modern standards. Whereas Garriott worked hard to make each new Ultima game bigger and better than the last, Sir-Tech just sat on their laurels (at least in terms of game engine).

Of course, we can find earlier games that look a lot like Wizardry on the PLATO platform (if you remember that earlier video). I think it's pretty clear, though, that other series such as Might and Magic and Bard's Tale were based on Wizardry, and Garriott admitted that he added multiple characters to Ultima III because of Wizardry.
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