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Floppy disk new program for amiga music lovers - testing needed please!

Hi all.

Today's edit 17th November 2010.
One year on since the initial release, it's about time to release something, so here is alpha 2.

eMod alpha 2 - 17-11-2009.part1.rar
eMod alpha 2 - 17-11-2009.part2.rar
Click image for larger version

Name:	eMod alpha 2 - Player.jpg
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ID:	27018Click image for larger version

Name:	eMod alpha 2 - Medic.jpg
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ID:	27019

What is it?
At the moment, it's a player, visualiser, mixer, and repair tool for Protracker, Future Composer, and Delta Music 2 modules.
Eventually it'll support most formats and do other things.

What's new
  • A couple of visualiser plugins in the player workspace
  • A 'medic' workspace; to help repair damaged data
  • Better extensibility
  • It's more stable, and a lot faster
  • The GUI has undergone a little bit of work

What's not
  • It doesn't play any new formats. The problem with this is, the plugins need to fit the framework.. and the framework is not finished.
  • No support for MIDI or VST yet
  • A lot of what you see is not finished.. but fairly functional.

  • Quadraphonic/surround sound.

Coming up soon(ish)
  • A visualiser SDK - if anyone is interested in this, it's pretty easy to make a visualiser plugin; you just need to build a DLL with 3 functions; init, draw, and cleanup.
    The parameters are set in a couple of structures of the init function..
    In the draw function, you are passed CDC and CWnd pointers, required audio data for a particular channel (waveform, FFT, RMS/Peak, etc) and user display options. Drawing can be done with Direct3D/GDIPlus or whatever you like.

Known bugs
  • Mousewheel capture was lost when switching between workspaces. I fixed this since the upload
  • Having trouble reproducing mystery thread deadlocks. It's rare and very annoying
  • The editing buttons in the File Medic don't work. I disabled these by accident - Also, the undo system is a bit unstable

q: Why so long to update?
a: I work on it every day, but to date it is a solo endeavour

q: Why are there not many new features?
a: The vast majority of the work is non-visual. Hopefuly you can see it is better if you tried the previous release

Suggestions and bug reports greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your interest!

UAE emulation code -
FFTW library -

Originally Posted by snyp View Post
hi everyone

attached here is an alpha release of a program i am working on.

download (13/09/2009, release 1):
Attachment 22679

Click image for larger version

Name:	ss.png
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eMod is being made with a vision to provide several tools to work with music modules of any format, across multiple platforms (amiga included of course!).
for now, only the player tool has been implemented; other tools will include a ripper, editor/sequencer, a formats 'encyclopedia', repair tool, convertor, and some other stuff. it's been WIP for about a year. i'm thinking about releasing it as shareware but most probably it will become open source upon the first stable release.

this alpha release implements music playback for four amiga formats; future composer 1.0-1.3, future composer 1.4, delta music 2.x, and protracker 4-channel modules.

i would really be greatful if you can help me please with some testing and feedback on the developments so far.
but most importantly.. tell me what you can suggest for the future.

eventually i aim to provide this thing for wider public scrutiny.. but for now, i just want to show it to my fellow amiga lovers

for now (this will change in the future), i am relying heavily on Windows MFC and the XAudio2 API, and so the program is compiled only for windows; sorry to linux/mac/os4 users! if you can dual-boot, please do so, just for 15 minutes, to give my work a tryout


what's in the box
  • the application executable
  • four module format plugin dll's
  • eight example modules.

module credits (original composer):
wonderland-bbs.dm2 - Sten Lysholm Larsen
the last v8.dm2 - Rob Hubbard
astaroth 1.smod - Jochen Hippel
future 10 jump'n'roll.smod - Libi in Paradize
classic.fc - ???
hippel paradox intro.fc - Jochen Hippel
occ-san-geen.mod - Tomas Dahlgren
those three.mod - Tor Bernhard Gausen

minimum requirements
  • direct-x march 2009 release
  • a fairly fast cpu

what you will see
to date i have worked on three plugin tool-windows. you will see them when you load a module. they are not particularly nice to look at, but they work well i think.

about the design
the eMod application itself was designed from the group-up as a program which will define only a skeletal framework to accomodate plugins (dll plugins and new window subclasses) - this is because there are hundreds of possible types of files that this program will need to work with; most of them i have no idea about yet, because i've not studied them, or not even heard about them. i believe my vision is possible, and up to now the framework has worked very well i think. hoever, plugins in the future will require changes to the framework.

eMod is being written in c++ with some asm, using VS2008 for the ide.
the amiga plugins are being written in c++ and 680x0 asm.
future plugins for other emulated processor platforms will require asm written for those processors.


what's expected in this alpha release
  • thread deadlocks - it's important to let me know of any error messages you get about this please
  • modules not working properly/not sounding like they should - VERY important that you tell me about this please
  • possible compatibility issues between different versions of Windows
  • possible exception errors if corrupt modules are loaded
  • slow display updates with older cpu's

what's not expected
  • memory leaks - i have been very careful to take care of all resources/allocations
  • crashes/deadlocks (aside from the above) - i have done my very best to make sure i don't cause problems on your machines. on my own machine (vista ultimate 64-bit, dual-core 4ghz, 4gb ddr3 ram) and a test machine (xp corp pro 32-bit, single core 1.6ghz, 1gb sd-ram), there have been no crashes after about 3 hours intensive testing today and yesterday. if any crashes do occur, please let me know about these urgently, with as much info as possible!
  • i have checked the contents of my upload with Norton IS 2008

what i'm aware of
  • the application is quite memory-hungry - i have designed the app with mostly dynamic memory allocation, but accuracy and speed (most important, yes?) does demand a lot of memory resources. i believe 150mb memory use is an upper limit i should set for the entire application, inclusive of all plugins and further developments in the future. would you all agree this is reasonable? let me know
  • the application doesn't do much/it's not all that great compared to deliplayer or UADE - i believe the scope of eMod is wider than other tools available for music modules, but admittedly this alpha release is really just to get your input on the feel/design, to check stability of the sound engine, and to basically get the thing out there at long last. i work full-time (in a shit job) and i have a family to take responsibility for, so my time resources are quite limited. i work around 2 hours on eMod each day, most days of the week. the application has a broad infrastructure for plugins and addons, so community development is what may eventually drive it.
  • the gui is quite 'bloated' - i like a tight gui myself, but for now i have made things for functionality rather than visual appeal or conservation of space. i have tested eMod on low resolutions, and i hope i have catered for limited screen space.


what's coming up in the next alpha releases
  • implementing the beginnings of the other tools - it will rip/convert/repair/edit etc
  • some more formats - already WIP are; hippel amiga/hippel st/sonic arranger/fast-tracker/c64 sid
  • implementing the beginnings of the encyclopedia - in-depth info about the formats/module data structures/replayer method/old sources/info about format developers/release history.. etc etc.. anything i can get my hands on
  • player: a new mixer type - giving control over each individual instrument, and also support for quadraphonic surround-sound
  • player: more visual plugins - and possibly including support for things like milkdrop too
  • vst/directx sound plugins - reverb/echo, compression, phase/flange, or whatever plugin you load
  • midi support
  • far better customization

what's not coming up
support for sounds/music created in new generation sequencers like Cubase, Reason and Protools. there are far too many obstacles to think about support for this type of data.


todo list, suggested by eab users
  • improve seek time - reports that seeking to random points in the music takes too long
  • support for the rewire protocol - to make it possible to use eMod as input/output to/from any other app supporting rewire


thanks everyone

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