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IBrowse Keyfile

Hi everyone,

I am a returning Amiga user after a gap period of approximately 5 years. I've setup a rather nice AmigaOS installation on WinUAE for now, but am in the process of obtaining some real hardware to play with.

Having setup an AmigaOS installation, I'm trying to put all my old apps back on it. A lot of the apps I used before required keyfiles, which I always paid for myself. I've been able to retrieve most of them because I kept a 2004 backup of my System and Work partitions. A quick search for files ending in .key revealed most of my old keyfiles.

Unfortunately my IBrowse keyfile did not appear in the results, and I've been unable to find it so far. Can I ask the forum members, what is the keyfile normally called and where would it be installed? I'm hoping that armed with this information I can take another look at my backups and retrieve the required file.

If not... well then I guess I'll just have to buy a new one - if you still can.

I did notice that a new browser (Origyn) has been released for AmigaOS and on their site they do make reference to an OS3.9 version, but I was not able to find a download link to anything other than an OS4.x version. Any ideas?

Cheers everyone.

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