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Originally Posted by Ahle2 View Post
Okey go to a place near the end of level 1 where there is many platforms and at least one enemy on each platform. Start jumping around at maximum speed in all directions and at the same time shoot like a mad at everything that moves. There will be A LOT of BOBS on the screen at once and i am pretty sure that the frame rate drops bellow 16.6666 FPS.
I couldn't make the Amiga version slow nearly that much in the same place.
The Amiga version probably uses hardware sprites for the main player and some floating status bars, that might be part of the explanation.
Sprites would help out for sure at the expense of palette flexibility. Dump the copper list if you can and we'll have a look. I'll have a play to the end of the first level at some point this weekend on the STe and see if it does the same for me.

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