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Yeah, what I've love for a modern day Amiga;

Don't want to be limited by hardware - my choice of components
A choice of OSs that can handle all these bits of hardware in any combination
Lightning-fast CPU
Some kind of blitter/copper replacement
Fast 3D acceleration
Virtually unlimited colours
Loads of RAM - 8 gig or so would be nice
Hardware accelerated sound (stoopid high quality of course with no limits on what can be produced)
Choice of cases
Massive harddrive(s) with the ability to run all software (inc games)
The ability to use modern LCD screens of any size + the resolution to match
CRT support for that old-school look (flicker)
DVD/Blueray support
And of course, the ability to run classic Amiga software.

Yep, I'd be in Amiga heaven then ...

(see what I did there? :P )

Actually, Windows is so shite, I'm also gonna go back to 3.1. Got me a wireless network card now and iBrowse. A much nicer experience all round I'm sure you'll agree.

(At least my joystick port polls faster now - 'tis very important that)
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