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One forgets about people like me - the classic gamer that's fed up with newer systems, looking for new fixes. Being a Genesis gal (MegaDrive, whatever...) the Amiga seemed like a neat new toy a year back due to them having the same processor. Being a computer and thus being able to code seemed neat too...

now I'm obsessed, learning 68K asm and spending valuable free time (time I could be spending getting closer to certain cute Puerto Rican women but that's neither here nor there) coding in my 'geek-cave' a.k.a. bedroom.

There will be us - the cynical yet yearning gamers that will keep such things alive. Hell, thanks to Benzaie I know I've gotten at least one person into the ST/Amiga generation of gaming/computing.

And for those like us - emulation doesn't cut it. There's nothing like the real hardware doing what it supposed to. (Or not supposed to sometimes, but that's some of the charm, as eLowar would say).

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