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Originally Posted by Ahle2 View Post
Believe me i played both the STe version and the Amiga version last week on real hardware just for comparison. There is a HUUUUGE difference in smoothnes when there is much going on at the same time. I'm not just saying that because i feel like making people angry at me. See a side by side comparison on real hardware and then come back and say that the STe version i smooth

The standard ST version is almost unplayable slow... The STe version is FAAR superior to that though.

I own and loves both machines... The Atari was my first computer experience(in 1988?) and will forever have a special place in my heart.
Then i bought an Amiga 500(1990) and i couldn't believe the difference when i first saw SOTB.
It's been awhile since I've seen the Amiga version but I was playing it last night on an STE. It drops frames but I didn't see it drop any more than 1. I saw it run at 50 hz with four or five enemy objects on screen on level 1.

It might be interesting to add some simple debug to hatari and see what exactly it's drawing each frame. As for the speed of the scrolling the only difference should be the number of tiles being drawn from the map each frame. Scrolling at 16 pixels per frame shouldn't be much slower than say 3.

The hardware doesn't incur any penalty for the fine scrolling offset. It works pretty much the same way it does on the Amiga except there is one base address (not per plane) and the fine scroll value is inverted.

I wonder if they're splitting the screen vertically and using the wrap method for scrolling.

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