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AmiWest Game Competition

Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Hi Dave,

I managed to make the last 2 SACC meetings and ended up joining! I will be at Ami-west, can't wait!

The tough part is going to be finding NTSC versions of anything worth playing unless we are going to be playing them on systems with Indivision AGA boards or multisystem TV's. Of course a 1084 will work if having the bottom of the screen cut off isn't a concern.

Seeya there!

-Chad (Sacramento)
See you there Chad, make sure you come up and introduce yourself during the show (so I can forget your name 15 minutes later like I always do)

This will be my 4th AmiWest show in the last 10 years and I must say that I am looking forward to this one more than any of the previous ones I have attended. Hopefully the rest of you that can come will enjoy it at least half as much as I will be enjoying myself.

With any luck, AmiWest 2010 will be even better and bigger than this year. It can be if we do this year RIGHT! The great thing about the Amiga "Scene", or "Community" that still exists today, is that it is still active and that there are still developers writing software and engineers creating hardware designs for computers that were first produced over 20 years ago. That is an amazing fact of life that almost NO other computer platform can match or claim.

There has to be something special that keeps us going and wanting to keep improving "The Amiga Experience".l

Long Live Amiga - In whatever form it lives for you today and tomorrow.

Thankfully all the naysayers who said WinUAE would never be usable, were wrong and that there are so many other alternatives to try out that are Amiga compatible, or comparable. Splitting the existing community apart seems to have weakened us in some ways, but it has stirred up competition, which might actually have spurred on some development to go higher and farther than it might have reached on it's own without any competition. It seems fair to assume that WinUAE will continue and that we all will be able to keep emulating one of our favorite OSes for years to come. All the rest of the Amiga-Like systems are just a flash in the pan and could disapear tomorrow or the day after, for all I can tell.

Me, I am just going to enjoy what is left of it all for as long as I can. I suggest you do the same for as long as it makes sense for you to do so.

I think all of us would have preferred to have better management at Commodore which would have lead to better development plans and better marketing, back in 1990 and a green light to do better Amiga development starting as far back as the A2000 & A500's, where improvements to the custom chipset should have been happening faster and better, just as soon as the A1000 was completed and in stores.

Also, there should have been a REAL budget for advertizing the advantages of the Amiga's multitasking user interface, as well as dozens of other reasons to convince developers to write Amiga applications as well as users to buy new Amigas. I could go on and on, but this dead horse has been beaten to death so many times, it is just a lump of stinky glue by now. Just suffice to say that most of us would have preferred to have had Commodore Business Machines become many times more successful at selling and supporting the Amiga computer and all of it's peripherals, instead of the dismal fate that Mhedi Ali and friends dragged the Amiga through from 1989 to 1993. But none of that happened for us and nobody knows if it would have made any difference anyway, with Wild Bill buying up all the technologies and cheating the rest out of a chance to make a decent living honestly, so maybe nothing we or Commodore could have done at the time could have made any difference in the ultimate outcome.
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