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Originally posted by jrom
Well... I hope your IDE doesn't support 66/100 UDMA modes... I once hooked up a 33 UDMA Drive to a 66UDMA channel with a 80 ribbon cable and the drive freaked out and died! So best option is to use a 40 ribbon cable and pray it still works
This really shouldn't happen, I use this option all the time as the UDMA 66/100/133 cables are taking over and it's getting harder to find the older UDMA 33 cables, at least here in my neck of the woods

Truthfully all the new 80-wire cables do differently is add a ground wire for each data signal wire hence 40-wire x 2 equals 80-wire I suppose it's possible that that particular old drive had some sort of timing problem with the new cable, shouldn't have but it seems to
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