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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
They'll when we'll get Super Sprint on the Amiga
Quite frankly I was near to buy a ST because a friend of mine got one and I was still on the Spectrum while playing C64 on friends house.
I didn't when I saw a picture of Marble madness on a french magazine, I decided then to buy an A500, can't afford the A1000 at the time.
What I'd loved about the ST was the 640/400 b/w monitor, to me the Amiga never beat it.

There shouldn't be a "war" in 2009 at all. I can't be the only person in the world who likes and owns both Amigas and STs. The retro gamers/coders etc should stick together and not try and alienate people from either scene. It's not as if there's new Amiga/ST users popping up every few days now.
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