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when we'll get Super Sprint on the Amiga

They'll when we'll get Super Sprint on the Amiga
Quite frankly I was near to buy a ST because a friend of mine got one and I was still on the Spectrum while playing C64 on friends house.
I didn't when I saw a picture of Marble madness on a french magazine, I decided then to buy an A500, can't afford the A1000 at the time.
What I'd loved about the ST was the 640/400 b/w monitor, to me the Amiga never beat it.


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haha, I'm a bit late on this thread but, it's 2009. Can't beleive this amiga vs st war is STILL going on when it's obvious the miggy had better graphics and sound. you only have to look and listen!! why don't all these st fans just admit defeat?
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