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Exclamation Turrican II Ending won't play with WinUAE 0.8.21 release4

I owned an Amiga 500 long ago and always hoped I could replay old favorites like Turrican II, Super Hang On etc. on the PC.
I tried WinUAE long ago but with very limited success and gave up on it.
2 days ago I checked again all Amiga emulation options and dropped the idea of Amithlon since I'm only interested in games so this would be overkill and secondly it doesn't seem to like Geforce3 cards just yet.
So I re-tested WinUAE (v0.8.21 Release 4).

So after some fiddling with the settings I finally found settings with which Turrican II ran like I remembered it.

If any of the WinUAE/UAE authors read this forum I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for all your efforts. Thanks for making all this possible!

Sound/Music was perfect (I finally even grabbed some of my favorite tracks and I experienced only minimal slow-downs in the last speedy airborne level (7).

To those who don't know yet you can download all Factor5 classic games in .adf format at including Turrican II.

Anyway to return to the subject I could play the game up to the very end without any problems whatsoever. But when the final extro should come up the screen just stays black.

Is this a known issue? It's not really that bad.. I have seen the extro like 20 times back when I still had my Amiga but I'd still like to see it again for old times sake and I think the audio track in the extro was worth grabbing too.
I will send a save snapshot to anyone interested in testing.

Additional information:
Settings I used in WinUAE:

-> Chipset [Tab]
(x) OCS
[x] Fast Copper
Collision level (x) Full
-> Sound [Tab]
(x) Enabled, 100% accurate
Frequency (x) 44100 Hz
Stereo Mode: (x) Mono
Interpolation (x) Disabled
Sound buffer size [3]
Sound driver lag compensation [0.0%]
-> RAM [Tab]
Chip: 1MB
Slow: none
Fast: none
-> ROM [Tab]
ROM File: [kickstart-v1.3.rom]
-> CPU [Tab]
CPU Type: (x) 68000
CPU Emulation Speed: (x) Match A500 speed
-> Display [Tab]
Amiga screen resolution
Width: [1024] Height: [480]
Line mode
[x] Normal
[x] Correct aspect ratio
[x] Lo-Res
Refresh [Every Frame]
-> OpenGL [Tab]
[x] Enable OpenGL [32bit] [Bilinear]
[15] Horizontal Size
[28] Vertical Size
[-13] Horizontal Position
[-9] Vertical Position
[0] Scanlines [1:1]
-> Game and I/O Ports
Serial [none]
Printer [none]
Amiga Mouse Port 0 (x) PC Mouse
Amiga Mouse Port 1 (x) PC Joystick 0
-> Input [Tab]
Mode: [Compatibility mode]
Device: [1: Microsoft PC-joystick driver]

relevant system specs:
Pentium IV 1.8A, Asus P4T-E, Geforce3, Audiophile 2496,
WinXP Professional

I'm just a little stumbled that everything else works besides the extro. I did try various chipset settings without success. The intro from Turrican III runs fine.

I tried both the official image from as well as some cracked ones.

I would appreciate any input.
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