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dlfrsilver said...
Too much hatred ? Did they harass you by mail or something ?
All your statements were correct.......

E-mails, YouTube comments, Private YouTube messages.... and so on...

frank_b said...
Ah you're the guy that called Wings of Death a crap game on the ST on you tube? LOL BTW that was rather a nice game on the ST to say the least.

I Never said that the ST version was crap.... just the Amiga version because it wasn't better then the ST version.
Any Amiga shooter running in every third Vbl is crap.
The intro music is among my all time favourite though.

On my STe Zool runs in 1 Vbl ONLY when there is a maximum of two enemies on screen and the game does not scroll more than approximately 3 pixels per frame.
It can get EXTREMELY slow (1/4 VBL?) when there is many enemies on screen and you scroll around at maximum speed. The Amiga version is WAAAY faster.
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