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Evil grin My idea...

Now I think that we're all pretty pissed off about that stalling situation and we need things to move and keep going to see our platform run again.

First thing to say. During the last days I abandoned Windows Systems to start working again with AmigaOS 3.1, the operating system I like to call "home".

Now the idea.

What we need:

A suitable low priced platform like the following:
- Intel Little Falls 2 + 1Gb RAM + 500Gb 2.5" HD + DVDRW + wireless adapter + Mini custom case
- Intel DG41MJ + any core duo cpu + 1 or 2Gb RAM + 500Gb 2.5" HD + DVDRW +wireless adapter + Mini custom case

Operating system port to x86:
I think power PC gotta go to f##k itself off our way. It has been a wrong choice and now we're paying the consequences. So get the rid of the overpriced, low performance board and let's get something more serious. Sorry for Acube by quite frankly, I want the Amiga life, not the Acube one.

Application port to new x86 operating system:
- Firefox
- Flash
- Multimedia Player
- Open Office Suite
- Burining DVD software and codecs

So what will be the strenght of the new Amiga family?

Easy: low price with coast variable between 300 and 800 euros for a complete system.


I wrote to McEwen about that and if he don't answer me I'll take the first plane to go to speak with him personally...

Damn, that situation is pretty frustrating for all of us.
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