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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
And how much is your amiga collection worth do you think judging by todays value
I think the value of classic HW can only go down.

This will be due to a number of factors:

1. All of the classic hw is getting to the age where it starts to become unreliable and is a pain in the ass to maintain.
2. The user-base is also getting older (eg us) and therefore smaller.
3. Emulation continues to improve and provides more convenient ways to play with the classic software.
4. Sooner or later, someone will bring out an improved FPGA reimplementation of the last original chipset...why buy old, when you can buy new and improved?
5. The continued development of replacement Amiga (and Amiga like) OS's will also see the existing (and potential) user base reduce.

Obviously in many years time the value of classic HW will increase again (because they will be so damn rare) but none of us will be around then anyway so it’s irrelevant.

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