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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Please don't ask that to me, unseenmenace said it uses the STE blitter.
I don't think this guy is talking bullshit, so go and ask him
I don't think so either since he has a decent grasp of the Atari hardware. From the quoted post text though it looks like speculation. I just proved that in this case he is wrong. Happens to the best of us. He gave the bitmaps too much credit

That's beside the point though. You said the ST blitter was useless without backing up the statement technically. You then pointed to a game as an example which turned out to be a red herring based on speculation from someone else. I'm telling you from experience and I've provided figures in this thread on how fast it is* compared to the CPU that it is *not* useless.
Quite the reverse.

It's sad how little it was used in games because it seriously outperforms the 68k. To use an analogy it's like pointing at a rubbish ST port on the Amiga and claiming the Amiga hardware sucks. I keep banging on about this but you need to read the HRM instead of misinterpreting other people's posts. The Amiga is a gorgeous machine and once you read (and understand!) the HRM you will see why.


*40,000 bytes per frame copied with an arbitrary shift. You will not get close to this on an 8 mhz 68k

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
EDIT : Ooops, yes unseen was talk about HS, not blitter, you're right ! My fault then, so no blitter at all on STE ?
Not on this game, sadly. If it was being used it wouldn't be running in 3 vbl

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post

Its useless maybe because it hasn't being used in enough games to stop the Amiga while being introduced in june 1987, the year of the A500.
So Atari ST equal year of release of the A1000.
Atari ST with blitter year of release of A500. The user base of the first ST killed itself. Its sad that it hasn't being detected and used if when available, the gap would have been narrowed...In the meantime the PC was digging our graves

Its like the MegaCD, the 32X...kind of things.

Yes you are correct. They didn't introduce it till the mega st came out and it didn't become standard till the STE arrived. Not in the base machine.. doesn't get targeted by game developers


Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Chronicles of Omega is nothing special, you can find better games on ST. I really like platform games but something is wrong with this game.
It's one of the few games which uses the STe hardware and runs in at 50hz but the gameplay is... off somehow.

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