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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Chaos engine uses the blitter, someone has checked on atari forum inside the game code.
And it's stated that on STE blitter is used.

From Unseenmenace :

"It uses the STE hardware scrolling which explains why it only needs 512KB on an STE and 1MB on an STFM since it probably has preshifted map blocks or something on the STFM. Sadly it doesn't use the STE's DMA sound hardware, not even for the title music let alone the in-game sampled effects that they left out for no good reason."

The reason is that the RAM requirement would have been too much on STF (2mb +) and the game would have been slowed down too much. Since ST and STE version are on the same disks, i guess the music had to move. I'm sure they have done (BB) test and saw that it was crippling the game too much.
Err where does it say in the text from U.M that it uses the blitter? Hardware scrolling and DMA sound have nothing to do with the blitter. You do realise they are different aspects of the hardware. Please tell me you understand this at least! Anyway I can post the "patch" for Hatari and you can test it yourself if you like.
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