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its useless maybe b/c...


Its useless maybe because it hasn't being used in enough games to stop the Amiga while being introduced in june 1987, the year of the A500.
So Atari ST equal year of release of the A1000.
Atari ST with blitter year of release of A500. The user base of the first ST killed itself. Its sad that it hasn't being detected and used if when available, the gap would have been narrowed...In the meantime the PC was digging our graves

Its like the MegaCD, the 32X...kind of things.


Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
Umm.. for the text transitions.. It's rather good at rectangular bit aligned copies You'd know what blitters are for if you read the HRM

Anyway silly me. It seems the game from both cracked versions reads disk 2 from drive B I've been able to run it with the blitter detection hack in and run around the first level. The blitter is *not* being used in that game as expected. I'm 100% certain of that. So please tell me again why the ST blitter is useless. Read the manual and come back with some *technical* points please.
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