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If it was that good, devs would have made routines detecting it and using it seriously.

Check Chaos Engine as a good example. I own the game for my ST and STE. Tell me why the game can't be as fast as the amiga version, when Atarists says STE is almost as good as an A500 ? Heh. Bitmap brothers game, no music in game and Even With blitter, the result is poor. And don't come to that it's lazy programming. Bitmap bros were ST coders at first (Gods, magic pockets, etc...)

Edit : I have checked the wiki page. I think you're not taking in the same way as me. When i say STE blitter is pointless, i mean regarding the ST base machine AND the one we have on a simple A500.

About my chaos engine example. We all agree that STE machines were not numerous. Add to this that in hardware the STF needs
a huge insane amount of memory to pre-compute graphics before display. When chaos engine on STF needs 1 mb of ram, it only needs 512kb on STE. If BB had to keep Richard Joseph music, you would had to have more than 2 mb of RAM on STF. this would have been absoluty foolish ! So the music had to go ! And even about scrolling which is blitted on STE, it's not as fluid as the A500
version while having as many colors (32 on STE, 16 on ST).....

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