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7000 GBP? but gbp is so low these days... :P

I think all Amiga related stuff was expensive when released, some items' price had fall down extremely, some kept it's value. Now when retrocomputing rises, some items became more valuable (overpriced) than before. It means that till this retro era lives, these goodies will have good prices, but as all the people who knew the brand from it's childhood will pass (mean leave the platform - again or forever) prices will fall till reaching zero. when it will come? You'll never know. only one value keeps it's top level - our eunthiasm-based fanatic behaviour. I still believe in my Amiga - my kids won't. They will be unable to understand the thinking or spirit behind it. So that will be the end of the road. Hopefully I can extend this voyage with at least 30 yrs or something
But that's priceless. For me.
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