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A1200 finally set-up!

After some time and having been relegated to the loft, I have now set-up my A1200

At last I have a fully working machine with a ton of WHD installs, Blizzard Mk IV with 32MB and ClassicWB.

OK so it's only running on a 14" TV for now (still good though), I do have it amped up to a sub-woofer and large stereo speakers.

As I cranked up the sound to Banshee it wasn't long before my 12 year old son poked his head up through the loft hatch!

He's your typical 12 year old...PSP, PC, Wii, DS and so on.....yet none EVER satisfy his thirst for something new....and the AMIGA is so OLD, to him it's NEW

With 1000's of quality games to play he has been re-educated!

It has been said time and time again...flashy GFX don't make up for lack of gameplay. Sure PS3 games look fantastic...but like so many modern efforts they are souless.

I might be an old fart but games like The Settlers are timeless...and the GFX are as good as they need to be, as with MANY classic Amiga games.

I'm looking foward to being sent to my 'room', by the wife, for being a naughty boy
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