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Bug in WinUAE keyboard routine


I've noticed that there's a bug in the keyboard routine of Release4, which wasn't there in R2 and previous releases.
With the game Jim Power from Loriciel (a classic Turrican like game, with Chris Huelsbeck music and a lot of parallax scrolling), after entering the game, when you run left and inmediate turn right, and left, and right, then the main character doesn't move left and right, but in fact he also jumps. So pushing keyboard left, and then right, and left (etc...) makes the character first move left, then jump right upwards, jump left upwards etc... This bug doest only appear with the keyboard, but also when using a joystick, which makes the gameplay in hard situations almost impossible. Since it doesn't occur with Release2, I would suggest it's a keyboard/joystick routine bug.

Could someone please verify this to be a bug in the emulation?

Thanks and best regards
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