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macce, your characters only have the "<color> carved discs" with them, no real navstones. Those discs can't be used to travel between Lyramion and its moons as is. They have to be converted into real navstones using the machine (and chunks of amber) in the Antique Area on Kire's Moon. (There are 20 discs of each color and enough chunks of amber to convert all 60 discs if one wants to do that.)

You seem to have converted only one yellow disc into one yellow navstone to get to Morag. This means you are stuck on Morag for now and have to play on. You'll eventually find the means to return to Lyramion though.

However, if you had created more/other navstones, a blue one would have returned you to Lyramion where you could have trained up your own character in lock-picking (only 03/25% now, but with enough training points to max that out). Or you could have visited the Thalion office and grabbed the 99(?) lock-picks stashed there.
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