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PC harddrive help!!!!

OK this bastard is driving me crazy.

I took my good ole Western Digital Caviar 8.4Gig to my friend's house for backing it up... All I noticed over there is that Windows 2000 almost assraped it making it read every second some shite! After W2K installing all it needed to make the drive work (what a fuckwit! it needs files to make it run!), teh peecee asked for a reset and after that, all seemed to work well...

Anyway, brought it home, and it wouldnt work... At first it showed up on the BIOS screen but later it stopped appearing. I was like OMG!
Fiddling with the cables, and finally the jumpers, the drive resurrected when I put it in single drive mode. It doesnt get recognized in Slave, Master or Cable Select.

Anybody has a CLUE about what the fuck is up with the drive? Mind you, when it doesnt get recognized, you can hear a "clicky clicky" inside, like if its reading something.

If it dies I'm in deep shit. I can't afford a new one!
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