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Post Hello from England :-)


I've managed to put my post in the right place this time instead of on the end of someone elses (sorry yogi).

My girlfriend was going to chuck out an old computer a few months back. I thought it was a PC at first and suggested she should at least see if theres any work or other stuff on it she might want to keep. Turns out it had a sticker with A2000 on the front, so it's currently in my loft instead of at the tip!

And that's why I'm here now. A friend of mine for the last few years has been talking about getting an A500 again (he and I used to both have A500's as kids). I've avoided the whole thing for some time now but the A2000 has sparked something off and I never even owned one!

In the last couple of months I've been picking up various A500 bits and pieces. The plan is to basicly rebuild something with the same or better spec and functionality that I had all those years ago before I sold it all.

I always wanted to build the A500 into a desktop case and even had a go at some mods to do so, one of which ended badly for a couple of bits of hardware (more about that in another thread!).
I now want to try for the same thing except in a tower case with a few extras where possible. I think a lot of the project will be about the building rather than the final result/end goal. Thankfully now I also have a lot more experience making and repairing things and tend to fix more than I break these days

My original Amiga spec wasn't spectacular but it did everything I wanted:
  • A500+ 1MB chip RAM
  • 1MB chip RAM expansion
  • ROM switcher with 1.3 and 2.04 ROMs
  • A590 with 20MB hard drive and 2MB fast RAM
  • Datel Action Replay Mk III
  • Expansion port splitter for Actional Replay and A590
  • 2 x external floppy drives
I did a few mods with switches to be able to enable and disable the hard drive and the available RAM. Also made an external enclosure with fan for the very noise A590 hard drive so I could shove it down the back of my desk and get some peace

I'd like to build the above again, maybe add an accelerator if possible, scan doubler and time machine.

Anyway, that's enough babble for now

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