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Advice Please:

Hi chaps,
The Qube Server's had a bit of negative press recently - material contained on it that the owners weren't to happy about - oops.

To be fair said owners did have a point and I've done my best to bow to their wishes and remove stuff from public availability they weren't happy seeing...

-members personal folders of course remain unaffected- contact in particular has been quite helpful in pointing out things that others may also take exception to - this includes the catalogue of Superior Software and Krysilis games on the server. His point being that some Acorn sites are still selling this stuff!
Now, to my knowledge the whole Acorn-Krysilis catalogue consists of direct ports from the Amiga and the vast majority of Superior Software titles exist on both Amiga and Acorn - ported in one direction or the other.

So here's my point, followed by two questions:

As all these games have been available for free download on Amiga, Atari, and Retro-PC sites for years. Why should the direct Acorn equivalents be any different?
(let's not get on to the subject of 'Acorn-originals' also largely available as ports to alternate platforms)

Can anyone for sure clear up where the Qube Server stands on this..?

Is anyone (who possibly runs an Amiga games resource) able to point me in the direction of contact details for any resource sites / authors / owners of IP to confirm their opinion regarding specific titles?

I have in the interests of being seen to be helpful moved said games out of the public server but with specific regard to the above software houses I'm not too pleased about doing so - I wonder what my fellow admis will say when they see what I've done..?
-sorry guys-
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