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I went to a car boot sale near Dewsbury this morning, and came away with a boxed Amiga 500 for £4! I haggled her down from £5. I got a lot of looks walking back to the car with the huge box, I even overheard one guy saying "Wow, an Amiga 500, that's a blast from the past!".

I have to say, though, it's the first Amiga-related item I've seen at a car boot sale for a very long time. There tends to be lots of worn-out dusty PS2's these days.

I got the A500 home, and now that I've had chance to inspect it, it's actually in very good condition. Slightly yellowed around the spacebar area, though. Polystyrene inserts are present, together with internal box for PSU and cables. I opened the trapdoor and found an expansion board, so I'm double pleased with it now! It says "PF501" on it, and I can't find it on the BBoAH. Anybody have any more information on this board?

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