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Ok Sys info reports that with the exception of expansion and exec in CHIP RAM and Kickstart in 512K. Everything else appears to be in 32 Bit Ram (i.e. fast ram) I have not added any lines to anything yet, I just got the Blizzkick help installer script to install everything.

Dhrystones 37113
Mips 38.74
Mflops 27.75
Chip speed vs A600 6.75

So, according to the above list, I only need to get Kickstart into Fast ram. Am off to do some more reading.....

EDIT: - Done my reading and a bit of googling.

I now THINK I understand the syntax for Blizkick a bit:

c:blizkick *

as a command is the simplest way to hoof Kickstart up into fast....

Software shows message about Blizkick and 1240/1260 Turbo boards etc.
Reboots machine and upon doing a second c: Blizzkick * I get an error stating that Rom has already been kicked = good

Now I understand what Mozzer Fan's

Originally Posted by Mozzerfan View Post
c:blizkick * QUIET MODULE speedyide
is supposed to do, ie load the speedyide Module without feedback. Bearing in mind I'm doing this as a command in workbench (without the QUIET) as I'd like to see what it does before putting in startup.

So I do a c: blizzkick * MODULE speedyide .... the machine does its reboot again and trying to issue the command again gets me an error. BUT, Disk performance in sysinfo is similar to before. Is there any way to be sure a module has loaded ?

I know that killing power, kills the mapping to fast.
I also know that it will only work with the jumper on my card in the off position, as the software says that a Blizzard 1240/or 1260 is required etc ....
Thirdly I've noticed that the only "Startup-Sequence" file I I can modify is the "Startup-Sequence-BB3.9-1" - there are two ?!.... I suspect something might be a bit strange here. If I try and modify the standard file, when I come to save... it fails.
Feels like somethings a bit weird with my BB install....

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