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This thread has been an interesting read.

The only thing AndreasM has achieved with starting this thread is in promoting the free pirated copy of the older version of the book.

Cancelling a book and then moaning that it was due to a copy of the older version being freely available is commercial suicide. If no new reprint of an updated edition is available to buy then what would you do? That's right. Pop over to a well know torrent site and download the old one!

Why bother arguing with AndreasM? Someone should just approach the author themselves and discuss how it can still be published. He still spent his time on the new edition, and so far has not seen any return on this investment of his time and energy. I'm sure he would like to given the chance, and a good argument for why it would still be feasible.

As someone else mentioned, there are some good sites that print books on demand, so you don't lose any money as you are not having to pay for a limited print run before any sales are made. You just get a smaller cut of each sale due to the higher costs of printing a book per copy sold. But it is still a copy sold and some money given back to the author for their hard work.

So, if some of you really want to see this book published, stop arguing with the wrong person, cut out the "middle man" and go to the source!
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