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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post

I've got a Blizzard 1260, so Blizzkick should be workable......

I'll read the guide, but was struggling at first glance


If it's only the speedyide module you're after, you can do the following:

- Install blizkick (see the installation section in the guide)

- Put the following line in the beginning of your startup-sequence (could be you have to put it after the setpatch command):

c:blizkick * QUIET MODULE speedyide

It could be you must specify the EXTRESBUF option (see the guide for explanation):
C:blizkick * EXTRESBUF=15000 QUIET MODULE speedyide

Edit: Just checked the guide: speedyide doesn't require any romspace, so the EXTRESBUF option is not needed.

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