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I did ask Mort about this the other day funnily enough.
A few years back I gave him my complete collection of 'Zero' magazines so I asked if he was going to scan them in.

I wouldnt hold your breath though as Mort is still scanning ZZap64 and is on around issue 89 I think and its taken him around 4 years to do!!! (Including re-scanning the earlier issues again as his technique got better)

However, I will try to get him to do the first edition at least. He also has first Edition of 'The One' 'Amiga Format' 'Amiga Power'
'Amiga User International' and probably others too.

If anyone wants the five cd set I think its £20 and he will post them anywhere. The first orders he had were from the people who worked on the mag at the time!

The cds also contain images / scans of the tapes that came with each magazine as well! Hes a completionist.

If anyone wants the first 20-30 issues of Crash!! he did then they are on my ftp
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