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Originally Posted by deefadog View Post
Do you eman the path for the updates? if so it's - Homebrew folder is psp/game/recovery/eboot.pbp

I'll reset the lot tonight. - But i should be using the CFW_Slim folder yes?
No to first question, and yes to second.

Id wait if I were you, as its becomming obvious your new to this.

PSP/GAME <------ This is 1 of the homebrew folders. I always use this.
PSP/GAME500 <---- This is used instead of GAME, ONLY if you have the kernel set to 1.50.
PSP/GAME150 <-----This is used for 1.50 kernel eboots ONLY if you have Kernel set to 5.00.

All apps, emus etc etc go in the game folders. As I said I use only 1, and thats the default kernel, not 1.50. Why 1.50 is still there is beyond me, its not needed no more.
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