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Originally Posted by deefadog View Post
Sorry for the late reply!

Ok i'll start at the beginning , I purchased a phat 1003 PSP second had with CFW 3.90 M33-2 already on it. I formated a new card and put my games and emu's on - everything worked great.

So I upgraded the day before yesterday to 5.00 M33-6 and now i get - cannot start game (80020148)

I have no other plugins, only extra is a theme.

Now this 1.50 kernel has confused me, i thought i had a series 1000 then i would have the 1.5 kernel. But what i think may have happened (please correct me):

Originally the psp had 3.90 M33-2 CFW and had the 1.5 kernel plugin (But i did not know this). - So i have installed the PSPUAE from the 1.5 folder and because of the 1.5 plugin it worked. Since upgrading the CFW, this would have been wiped and now they don't work. So i need to install from the CFW_Slim folder?.

Does that make sense? I don't have my PSP at hand to test this theory (kids back at school and had a nightmare this morning)
Whats your homebrew folder set to in recovery menu?
Also try removing everything from stick, then format it in PSP, as the updated firmware uses different folders. i.e. GAME390 becomes GAME500. Then copy everything back to it and see what happens.
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