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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Too bad the screenshots for D.O.G. are down.
It's not the only thing that's down on Erik's current web site (I am thinking about translations, here) but let's not put too much pressure on his shoulders .

Here are some fresh screenshots of v1.53 :

Too lazy to put arrows and annotate it,
but in this one you see part of my game list. I've retained Year, Developer (well, it's more often the publisher actually), Genre. The "non-working" games work in scummVM or with a CVS version of DOSBox. "Favorites" are... well my favorite games (except some non-favorites are actually favorites, it's only that there's a better looking Amiga version available).

In there, I clicked to develop on the important subsections (CPU, Drive...). All of which can be edited with a few mouse clicks.

With Drives, you can mount a CD-Rom, actual of virtual for the games that need it.

DOS32a can be of some help when the game has that DOS4GW thingie.
In Scaler, you can use a filter, set full-screen, I myself use AdvanceMAME 2x, most of the time, the game won't be affected if you do so.
Right-clicking a profile allows you to do various things with it.

As for DOG configuration in itself, you simply need to add the DOSBox you want to use it with, knowing that v0.73 will work with DOG v1.53 even though it was compiled prior to it.
The beta that was discarded used to get that DOSBOX version number automagically, so hopefully the next stable release will be granted this cool feature.

When you have edited a few profiles, you should be careful not to loose them (as explained above), that's the only thing that can get rather irritating with that frontend.

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