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The Incredible Machine is a well-drawn & animated DOS puzzle game. But I am quite sure you googled it already .

DOG is very easy to configure...
Well, if there's anything to configure at all.
You just edit a profile for each of your DOS game, fill-in a few facts about it, set the path for both the executable and the setup. On very seldom occasions, you need to fiddle with "misc options" from your generic profile, like disabling EMS, or enabling PC speakers...

Don't want to set a dissenting voice here, but in what way Amiga games interface are any better than their DOS counterparts ?

@AB Positive
There are definitely a few DOS games that are a pain in the neck to run under DOSBOX since they used to tap in outrageous ways into hardware resources .

You pesk at yourself when you realize your shiny new faster than light PCs can't make them work.
Then, I guess, it's handy to have a DOS'd PC, or more prosaically a crap laptop with Win98 for those few exceptions (I am thinking DM2 or Grand Prix II).

May be you can confirm that there's not many advantages of running FO1 from the Windows executable over the DOS version .
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