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Originally Posted by Reg_B View Post
No big surprise here.
Any number of companies with better products and better technical ideas have succumbed to superior "Marketing".

The business of business being business, sometimes too much fascination with technology and engineering becomes the fatal DIS_traction.
The problems and reasons Commodore went bankrupt were quite complex and no one single thing lead to their death. However two very bad things happened to Commodore...

Jack was fired!
Medhi Ali was hired!

Also remember in 85 a 7mhz 68000 based machine was 1990 the A2000/1500 had the same crappy 7mhz CPU for a ludicrous price. These were the old PET tactics of selling at over inflated prices. A500 also had the same CPU but it's only competition was the ST(E). You can't not improve the CPU over half a century if your two main rivals in the corporate market have no problem upgrading theres. PC compatibles and Apple had no qualms about upping the CPU speed and for some things that aren't games....memory and CPU are very important.

As for games well....the PC-Engine and Sega Genesis/Megadrive games consistently looked better than Amiga games and so there was no competition as the console crash of the early 80s had come full circle and people were now going back to consoles compared to computers as they offered superior graphics/sound just as we ditched our Intellivisions/Colecovisions/2600 machines for C64s with superior sound and graphics.

PS if you think Win 95 was anything but a PoS then you are in serious need of an operation to surgically remove those rose tinted glasses. The only good thing I can say about Win95 is it's not as $hit as Win 3/2/1 or DOS Forget any semblance of process reliability or smooth multitasking.....after filling your hard drive with the world's first bloatware OS haha
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