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... and btw, Kire doesn't remember anything about the rescuing/returning of Dorina.. he still asks me to find her and give his message paper.. although, Dorina IS in Kire's palace !
I know, the game has some similar bugs "earlier" in the game, too: many characters don't remember anything.
Ok, maybe's not so serious, but Id like to know. whether this Dorina thing IS a bug or NOT ?! ;-)

I can't find anything particular in Ruins, expect for the dead man with some old book. Is there something else important ?
How about antique area, then ? Ive already killed all the guards.
How could I find the rest of the important areas in Forest Moon, in addition to Dor Kiredon, Dor Grestin Dorina's cave, ruins, mine and Tornak cave (small one?) ... is there some place elsewere in Kire's Moon ?
Thanks in advance! ;-)
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