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I find even the so called worst of games(obviously not all of them) i can sit there and enjoy.I very easily get pulled into just about any of the older game enviroments no matter how simple and really it's my only complaint of a lot of modern games

A good guideline i find for choosing a game iv'e yet to play is looking out for games that are forever brought up in forums like this one.Like you say though there needs to be something appealing about wanting to play the game in the first place, regardless of if people hail it a classic or not, as you may end up having no fun at all with it - sometimes worth a risk as well though.Certainly i play anything that personally i like the look of but also has been suggested, and i don't reckon you can go wrong this way

King of Chicago is still a very well put together example of how Cinemaware did things rather differently and another one of those games that is quite unlike anything else - again it feels more like an experience than a game which is likely how it was designed to be anyway
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