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I sympathize with you, Adropac2. I saw a sign at my grandpa's dancing studio that said "Life is too short to dance with ugly women." I thought about that and applied it to gaming: "Life is too short to play crappy games." Yet I find that so often I feel obligated to play something I really don't enjoy just because I happened to buy it or everyone else says it's so good.

I am very careful when I choose games never to pick something that I don't personally enjoy playing. I have great profound respect for the "big ones," but I just don't play them. It's probably been years since I cranked up Pac-Man, and for some crazy reason prefer Great Giana Sisters to SMB. :P I always find myself slipping back to the old favorites regardless of their initial popularity. Thus, I can talk your ear off about Mindwalker, Faery Tale Adventure, Empire, The Settlers, King of Chicago, or Alien Fires...

Hey, did you any of you guys ever see this game?

Brings back some fond memories...!
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