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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
@skateblind - If you've played Bard's Tale, just imagine that but with a totally different campaign setting. You also needed to consult a printed journal frequently for flavor text. It remains a cult classic, though not nearly as well known as Fallout of course. I believe that some of the folks who worked on Wasteland also worked on Fallout.

@adropac2 - Seems funny that people don't consider it a game. It's clearly a game. The only overtly educational bit is the quote from Darwin at the beginning. I just liked it because it had good variety (at least at first), learning how to thrive as a spider vs. a fly and later humanoid. I'd like to see someone remake the game with a similar framework (i.e., emphasis on action), but greatly expand the number of species and types of mutations. Then again, part of the game's appeal is the ambiance, and it wouldn't make sense to try to duplicate that on modern machines.
I personally like anything that attempts somthing different and usually the most bizarre looking of games i sometimes try for that very reason.Eco is of worth though and does genuinely manage to engage in a most unusual way.I can certainly imagine how something like Eco could grow into a much larger version of itself but i guess it's actually getting that to work in a way that still feels the same.I'd certainly love to have the time to invest into things like this though(programming) but for now my dreams of heading in this direction any time soon are on hold

Talking of games that stand out in a different way, it's probably why i watch your reviews actually, as you have already pointed out a couple of games from your videos that i should be looking to try at some stage

Autoduel looks to be another game i would probably like so iv'e added it to my ever growing list of games to never be played because i just don't have the time.In fact i only ever seem to put games on these days so i can imagine how nice it will be to play them one day.Some of them require real quality time of course that i guess a lot of us just don't have.Plus there is simply too much great stuff already needing to be played that i have missed over the years.Life is far too short it really is but i must try and play some of these gems soon
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