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Originally Posted by DyLucke View Post
Yah, no new Apple products using PPC, what is an error. What makes an Intel Mac different from a Sony Vaio? Apple has to be back to the PPC line using a Series 6 processor.

...If not Apple could end up in the way NEC ended with it's 98 line of computers... Just being a PC manufacturer.
Not really, whilst Apple may use Intel CPUs it is still a closed system, there is no way to purchase a version of Mac OS X to install on bog standard PCs and even if you do there is a lot of issues with drivers where hardware is not found on Intel Mac platforms.

Apple isn't going anywhere, as long as people still buy iPhones and iPods and use iTunes they are not going bankrupt any time soon....far from it.

It's the same story with Nintendo, they relied on Pokemon and the Gameboy to fund their way out of the financial disasters that were N64 and Gamecube until they eventually produced another home machine that non-fanboys wanted to purchase.

If you want to use OS X ie not Windows or Linux (and each to their own after all) you need to purchase Apple hardware end of story so therefore Apple will be in business for a longgggggggg time even if they have to subsidise break even sales of Macs.

(yes I know all about OSX86 don't worry)
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