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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
@ adropac2: I was reading some contemporary reviews of ECO a few hours ago. The reviews were quite mixed. Most thought it was unique and inspired, but were unimpressed with the gameplay (too limited). I'd say it's yet another game that is long overdue for a remake, unless you want to count Spore as such.
Hmm yes Matt it's not hard to imagine a more ambitous follow up to what really isn't a game at all i suppose - not in the traditional sense at least.I do personally think this is a game, though one that maybe hasn't been expanded to a more ambitious level

That said i find the tension built up from trying to stay alive each time, to be something you rarely get from games - maybe it's design was this way for a reason and a sequel would in fact miss the point as to why this worked for some
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