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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
@ adropac2: I was reading some contemporary reviews of ECO a few hours ago. The reviews were quite mixed. Most thought it was unique and inspired, but were unimpressed with the gameplay (too limited). I'd say it's yet another game that is long overdue for a remake, unless you want to count Spore as such.

@peter: I've been meaning to do that for some time. I'll have to find some way to work it in.

@skateblind: I can take another look at doing fallout. Someone had suggested ways to capture footage from the game using some homebrew patches. I was having a helluva time trying to get footage last time I tried and just had to give up.

I'd be a bit torn doing Fallout since Wasteland came first. And of course Bard's Tale inspired a lot of Wasteland's gameplay. Hm.
Well, I have read very little on Wasteland, so I would like to hear your opinion on that too. It is a real shame about the video capture problems, but there must be a version that works with capture software or some sort of work around, because I have seen other videos with it in. I don't mind waiting.
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