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I get the message after each 10-15 minutes. Because I thought, it could be the old machine (Pentium I and Win98), I have moved the complete WinUAE directory to a Win2000 system, and there is the same effect.

copper/jit bug workaround #1: vpos=0 hpos=224 c_hpos=154 vp=0

copper/jit bug workaround #1: vpos=11 hpos=87 c_hpos=24 vp=11

copper/jit bug workaround #1: vpos=11 hpos=86 c_hpos=22 vp=1

and this from Windows 2000:

copper/jit bug workaround #1: vpos=12 hpos=71 c_hpos=22 vp=0WinUAE now active via WM_ACTIVATE

If you need something to debug, I could copy the whole thing to a CD and send it.
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