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Thanks, DamienD.

What do you guys think I should cover next? There are a couple games that have been on the back burner for awhile now. Seems like out of all my videos so far, the RPGs are the most popular. Maybe I should stick to those for awhile. I've been wanting to cover Wizardry, Bard's Tale, Fallout, Might & Magic (have to decide which one is really the best; I like 6), Quest for Glory, and Temple of Apshai, or perhaps something a bit more obscure - Tunnels of Doom, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, or Dungeons of Daggorath. Of course, there's always Hired Guns and Bloodwych (neither of which I got to play in the 80s, but learned about later). I'm saving Baldur's Gate for episode #50 (assuming I make it that far!) Or perhaps I could cover a hybrid like System Shock 2, Warcraft/Heroes of M&M, or Syndicate. I suppose at some point I should do Rogue, Diablo, and Ultima I as well.

You guys will probably think I'm nuts, but I enjoyed the hell out of Alien Fires back in the 80s. Something about that game really clicked with me, though I was never able to beat it (too damn hard!). I also have a soft spot for A Rockstar Ate My Hamster and Mail Order Monsters, plus a really obscure Amiga game called Eco.
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