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Soo.. I log in to today and I see this thread! Why doesn't anybody tell me when a new thread is made about AmiMSN :-P

I'm making progress on file transfers with MSNP2P v1 / MSNSLP. Not the very latest protocol, but it's compatible with all good MSN clients, Pidgin, Emesene, aMSN, Windows Live Messenger, etc..

I'd say sometime in October you can expect AmiMSN to be able to send (and hopefully receive too) files to all major MSN clients.

Check and the SabreMSN threads for updates. Looks like i'll get it done before jahc. I'm figuring out how it all works and providing docs for him.

Anyone who wants the docs (for some reason), just ask me.. best to e-mail me at the address on the AmiMSN website.
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