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Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
but what hardware do people run os 4.0x on?
Erm, they don't?

I would imagine that most hard-core OS4.0x user has an Amiga-One. The other two use a Cyberstorm PPC & Blizzard PPC

Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
does OS4.0 support OCS / AGA games / demos?
No. They switch off the 680x0 CPU on classic Amiga's (as it speeds up the PPC) and only run a 68k CPU emulator. OS-Nice 68k stuff works, but anything which hits the hardware directly and requires accurate timing is mullered. WHDload can never work.

Obviously if you are running OS4.x on non-classic hardware there is no OCS/AGA support at all (except to run UAE).

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